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Epoxy grout stops the saturation beneath the tile surface, if left this leak will be contributing to the egress and leeching of efflorescence, calcite formation & water ingress into the structure, timber framing, door jambs & architraves, damage carpet and flooring.

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Leaking Shower Repair Wollongong

Shower leaks can be unpredictable in the location they arise. Many clients in Wollongong and South Coast with a leaking shower in need of a shower repair call us at Epoxy Grout Pro reporting a stain on a ceiling from the suspected leaking shower above or a damp patch on the carpet or flooring outside the bathroom door or in the hallway, these are all signs that your shower waterproofing membrane has failed or in older homes is non existent and a shower repair or shower resealing is required to stop a leaking shower.... more on diagnosing a leaking shower .

Shower leaks or shower leakage from the floor tile, wall tile if not stopped and repaired will cause structural problems in the long term. Avoiding the signs of a shower leak for a significant amount of time may cost you big and cause complete damage to the timber frame, plaster, skirting and floor etc.

Epoxy Grout Pro services Wollongong offering shower repair or shower resealing as it is otherwise known, With No Tile Removed, you may be told by a plumber, builder or your insurance company you need to reseal your leaking shower or need a shower repair.

Shower repair resealing is simply a matter of stopping the water ingress below the surface of the tile, through or around the floor waste or through shower floor and wall junctions and preventing capillary action.

Newcastle shower repair services suit all types of showers old, new, with a membrane without waterproofing membrane and all bathroom tile including ceramic, porcelain, limestone, sandstone, granite, Marble etc, if your in Wollongong on the South Coast we can service your shower repair tomorrow.

Our shower repair and epoxy grout resealing stop leak services are as follows.

Don't have a shower leak? but a bath area, that's ok we have you covered there as well with our shower over bath reseal and bathtub edge or perimeter seal.

EPOXY Grout PRO | $320.00 Bare basics Shower Leak Repair

EPOXY Grout PRO | $545.00 Leaking Shower Floor Regrout Resealing using Epoxy Grout

EPOXY Grout PRO | $745.00 Full Leaking Shower Reseal Epoxy Regrouting Bathroom Rejuvenation

EPOXY Grout Pro | $550.00 Shower Over Bath Combination

EPOXY Grout Pro | $550 Acrylic Base shower No Tiles on Floor

Epoxy Grout Pro | $270.00 Bath Edge Perimeter Seal

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Epoxy Grout Pro shower repair resealing Wollongong takes in from Heathcote south to Shellharbour. With many new homes and project homes being built around East Corrimal, Balgownie, Fernhill, Figtree around to Oakflats we are kept busy shower sealing new homes under warranty for builders. wherever you are, we have your shower leaks repair and resealing areas covered.
Not in the Wollongong or South Coast area? if your searching for Shower repair Sydney | North Shore shower repairs | Northern Beaches shower repair | Shower repair Blue Mountains | Shower repair Newcastle | Shower repair Central Coast | Shower repair Wollongong, we also have you covered for shower leak repair.

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A waterproofing membrane, unfortunately today, is not a permanent solution against water damage.


There are several reasons as to why the waterproof membrane application may eventually fail or emulsify, leading to structural damage, costly repairs, heartache & stress.

  • Building movement
  • Re-emulsification
  • Constant moisture, ponding
  • Lack of contractor experience for the application
  • Cost and Time factors

These are all contributing factors!


Waterproofing is 1% - 2% of the total building construction costs, and accounts for up to 80% of the complaints & defects.

of complaints & defects are relating to Waterproofng

Today's developments are built by the accountants, not builders!


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