Why is my Shower Leaking?

Understanding the Problem, Causes and Solutions.

Shower leak onto carpet
Shower leak onto carpet at threshold

A common issue is a leaking shower.

Leaking showers or shower leakage pose challenges for homeowners, making identification tricky due to various causes, including the frequent culprit of faulty waterproofing. If you’re dealing with this problem, it’s essential to “fix leaking shower.”

This blog by leaking shower and re-grout expert Trent Moreland explores shower leakage causes and prevention methods. It also provides valuable insights into addressing common issues, emphasizing the importance of taking steps to fix leaking shower when your waterproofing membrane has failed.

Showers pre-1980s often lacked proper waterproofing; however, today’s showers meet regulations. Despite this, they may still experience waterproofing failure, leading to leaks that require immediate attention to fix leaking shower.

The Reasons and Where to look

Waterproofing failures stem from design flaws, poor preparation, application errors, and product selection. These issues risk bathroom leaks.

Leakage causes dampness, odor, mold, affecting adjacent rooms. Insufficient waterproofing harms aesthetics and can result in structural damage.

Fact! Most showers will eventually leak.

Showers on stud walls often leak due to a gap forming between the tiled wall and floor. Vibration and structural movements contribute, overwhelming the grout and causing leaks.

Epoxy Grout Pro solution to Leaking Showers.

To prevent water ingress below the tiled surface and stop water from getting down to the failed membrane, Epoxy Grout Pro has a resealing solution using engineered and modified epoxy grout. This solution prevents any water from entering the shower, providing an ultimate solution to the issue of leakage.


Water leakage in your shower can result in severe, long-lasting consequences. Identifying the problem’s roots is tricky, but understanding potential causes will empower you to take appropriate action, especially when you need to fix a leaking shower.

Moreover, Trent Moreland’s expertise offers invaluable insights into different reasons for shower leakage and underscores the importance of waterproofing for every homeowner. If you’re consistently dealing with a leaking shower, it’s high time to take the necessary steps to “fix your leaking shower.”

Therefore, protect your home and ensure you have adequate waterproofing measures in place to prevent any long-term damage, addressing the need to “fix leaking shower” promptly. Additional information can be found here regarding building defects and complaints

Shower leaking onto carpet in hallway
Shower leaking onto carpet in hallway