Tired of Scrubbing your Gunk? Epoxy Grout Pro has your solution.

 Epoxy Grout Pro on the Epoxy Grout advantage!

Epoxy Grout by Epoxy Grout Pro is the answer! If you’re over scrubbing your tiles and grout to remove built up gunk and scum, then Epoxy Grout Pro may be your answer.

Grout is grout, Right? No!

Cement grout is just there to fill the gap between the tiles. It has no bonding strength, it is not waterproof even with additives and is susceptible to eroding, chemicals and staining.

Epoxy Grout is manufactured with resins and fillers engineered to be extremely durable, waterproof, stain and chemical resistant which makes cleaning effortless not a chore.

In time epoxy grout will become the Australian standard for bathroom and wet areas.

We utilize different epoxy grouts dependent on applications such as bathrooms showers, balcony, kitchens and wet areas where the requirements vary between acid resistant to UV Stable.

Easy to Clean: Cement grout attracts dirt, grime and grease, making it near impossible and time consuming to get it clean without considerable effort and the risk eroding the grout. Epoxy is effortless to clean as it impervious. It doesn’t absorb dirt, grime or liquids.

Flexible: Epoxy isn’t rigid like arolidite or gritty like regular sand based grout. In fact, when throwing around the epoxy grout vs regular grout discussion, epoxy is always noted for its elasticity and durability. It does not wither with time, considered utterly shrink-proof and bendy, moving , expanding and contracting taking on the characteristics of the tile.

Low Absorbency: Epoxy grouts are impervious at 100% water resistant. Instead of suffering the same water ingress and capillary action as sand & cement based grouts, the water simply sits on top, waiting to be cleared away or evaporates making it 100% effective in shower repair.

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