Silicone ain’t Silicones, Weekend worriers take note!

My #Asian mum is a fantastic cook who with limited ingredients can make mouthwatering aromatic dinner dishes.
Myself on the other hand need every spice and ingredients to complement each other. Our different cooking styles came to light when during my attempt of #cooking #Singaporechillicrab I went in search of Kashmiri chilli and upon returning hearing the words uttered chilli is chilli! Sorry mum but this is not true!
The same words can be heard by weekend worriers and clowns at your local bunny’s store in reference to Silicone and Sealants.
In short I describe it to my clients and builders the differences as, #Silicone has great mould inhabitant properties but poor bonding strength.
#Polyurethane has great bonding strength and flexibility but pore anti mould as it is porous and dries out over a period of time.
#Polymer is a hybrid of silicone and polyurethane, with great bonding and flexibility combined with the mould and mildew resistance of silicone.
The photo shower the discoloration and mould buildup of a polyurethane vertical joint within a wet area, where a polymer would be used and recommended by myself.
Note: A strong or incorrectly bleach solution can also stain and burn your sealants causing similar discoloration.