Strip out shower repair VS Shower resealing – How to stop a leaking shower

Shower repair VS Shower resealing – How to stop a leaking shower

A leaking shower or shower membrane failure is one of the most common faults faced by homeowners, investors and builders today. The question is do you do a stripout shower repair or a shower reseal using epoxy grout.

Many owners are unaware they have a leaking shower until the annual pest inspection indicates moisture in sub-floor material or wall construction. Another common scenario is the property is listed on the market and a building inspection is carried out. Look for the signs of a leaking shower online.

Failing to stop a leaking shower can prove very costly, time consuming and inconvenient. So can you fix a leaking shower or do you need to replace the tiles and waterproof?

Insurance companies these day only cover damage caused by or resulting from a leaking shower, no the repair or resealing costs.

Epoxy Grout Pro shower repair and resealing services are recommended and engaged by insurers, builders and inspectors. As the epoxy shower resealing with no tiles removed option is far quicker and cost effective.

Leaking Shower Resealing Option $320 – $645.00

Shower resealing or regrouting is an option for 90% of shower leaks if caught or diagnosed early. If we inspect a shower and the leakage or egress has damaged the substrate or structure which is usually indicated by cracking through grout lines or a springy or spongy floor area.

Unfortunately the shower resealing is not an option for you as this must be rectified or replaced in which case a retile is your only option.

Choosing the Shower resealing with no tiles removed does not alter the aesthetics of the bathroom.

Shower Repair – Stripout and retile Option $2100-$4000

Even this is not a fail safe repair as we have clients who have removed the tiles on several occasions, applied a new membrane and re-tiled only to have a shower leak again.

Re-tiling option may result in mismatched wall tiles being layed as one or two rows will need to be removed. The floor tile also may not match the existing bathroom floor either.

failed shower repair

The shower in this image was striped by others and still leaked after their repair. You may notice the green coloured material on the tiles in this photo is the waterproof membrane. Epoxy Grout Pro full shower repair and reseal solution was the answer. The repair cost far less this time than the tile removal process option.

If you need to stop a leaking shower before it damages your investment, give Epoxy Grout Pro a call today on  0405148449 to book a service today. Don’t forget to stay updated with shower repair services and fixed pricing on our @epoxygroutpro Facebook page.