Why is my shower leaking? Understanding the problem explained by Trent Moreland.

The waterstop at the bathroom threshold is one the most common places you will see egress.

The waterstop at the bathroom threshold is one the most common places you will see egress.

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The fact is, unless your premises was built or renovated before the late 80’s, your WATERPROOFING has FAILED! no if but or maybes.

Why membranes fail.

Most showers today either have a shower tray or waterproofing membrane installed under the shower floor (a building regulation requirement).

There are many potential causes of waterproofing failure. Most fall under four broad areas: design and construction defects, incorrect preparation, application errors and incorrect product selection, and inadequate protection.

When failure occurs water begins to leak into the floor and walls or be absorbed by the woodwork and carpets in the bathroom and adjoining rooms. These damp areas are not only unsightly and smelly, they can onset rot and attract white ants.

Wall and floor separation

Most showers built onto a stud wall will eventually leak because of a gap (expansion joint) developing between the tiled wall and the floor of the shower recess. This gap is caused by the vibration of the wall, arising from the opening and closing of doors, and normal slight movements of the house structure. The grouting between the tiles is not strong enough to resist such expansion, or seal the gap between the floor and the wall. The result is leakage.

Epoxy Grout Pro resealing solution using engineered and modified epoxy grout prevents water ingress below the tiled surface stopping the water getting down to the failed membrane.

There are many makeshift solutions to – such as silicone sealants or shower plugging products – but they are temporary, and often peel and are difficult to keep clean.

Constant efforts to remove the dirt or mould build up only add to the problem because few sealants are resistant to abrasive powder cleansers and scouring brushes. The coved smooth finish of the Epoxy Grout Pro product is impossible to damage.