Shower Leak Repair Sydney – How not to seal a leaking shower.

An insight into the work methods and procedures of how other tradies and other shower repair companies claim to seal a leaking shower.
Yes prices vary on the internet, however one time old principle still remains, You get what you pay for!
Today i had the pleasure of witnessing what will be a failed attempt to seal a leaking shower. Epoxy Grout Pro seal leaking shower and the never fail.
As you can see in the photos the membrane has failed and water stops incorrectly installed and waterproofed. The shower also has cracked and missing wall grout, eroded and missing floor grout all of which would have no impact on a failed membrane as these grouts are porous regardless.
The shower screen leaks due to the eroded grout which allows water to track between the grout and silicone used to seal the screen to the floor.

The floor waste is a drop in type not mechanical joint or plumbed in so again any water entering the riser through the grate is able to saturate the exposed screed beneath the tile, again this would not be an issue if the membrane had not failed.

The tradies or technicians as commonly called, arrived knocking on the door, as i opened it i was expecting a tool box or two a bucket for water while regrouting a vacuum even.
But no! they entered carrying a silicone gun, some heavy duty citrus wipes, tile sealer and a small box containing clear silicone, detergent and applicators.

Its at this point i feel sorry for the owner and even these guys trying to pass off that they are abut to do as a method of resealing a leaking shower.

As time passes, remembering it takes myself between 2-3 hours to resealing a shower full polymer regrout to walls and 2 part epoxy to floor plus floor waste, screen, taps & verticle internal junctions or corners, as explained on our site

I hear no grinding no grout removal no noise other than chatter, i enter the bathroom to find one guy with a silicone gun applying 770 to all the wall grout lines and some of the floor grout lines, no acetone no cleaner just straight over the existing grout lines.
None of the existing silicone was removed, the floor grate was not removed, and as in a couple of photos you can see the silicone is a little hit and miss sticking to some places and tearing away from other places leaving the existing grout to show through.

All i can think are these guys serious! Yes they were and nights proud of there work.
Silicone application could be another hole post alone as you can see in one of the photos the residue around 70mm in width parallel along the grout lines.

So ten minutes after starting one of the guys comes out and says he will be back in 2 hours to apply the sealer.
Not a Silicate hydro-barrier or alike but a generic tile sealer!
Now completed in advised not to use the shower for 24 hours.
Honestly peeps, take a look across our site, YouTube and social networks and compare yourself our time proven methods and procedures vs this cheaper option as promoted on the internet ranging from $180 – $360.00 compared to our services starting at $400.00 including GST and backed by a Lifetime warranty against leakage.
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