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EGP tech Support handles all Epoxy Grout Pro service call request at our discretion.

Our sales and enquiries departments are unable to view your records or schedule appointments on behalf of the Tech Support team.

To send a request for a service call, please fill out the form below, fields marked with an * must be completed and the terms and conditions accepted for us to receive your query and before we can contact you or before a service call will be scheduled

In respect of all claims the Seller shall not be liable to compensate the Client for any delay in either replacing or repairing the workmanship/product or in properly assessing the Client’s claim.

Any claims investigated by the seller where no fault can be found, or the allegation, problem, faults or warranty claim is not covered under the warranty, a call out fee is payable by the Client at a rate of $144.00 GST inclusive per 30 minute block on-site.
The Client shall also be responsible for all other expenses and costs incurred by the Seller due to access delays caused by the Client their sub-contractors or agent(s) in investigating such allegation, problems, faults or warranty claims shall be charged at a rate of $144.00 GST inclusive per 30 minute block on-site waiting time.