Epoxy Regrout to Shower Floor Grout - $545.00 Inc GST

1. Choose this option if your shower is relatively new and in good condition, and your wall grout does not show signs of deterioration.

2. Your shower leakage as been diagnosed through the shower floor grout area by a qualified tradesperson.

3. Efflorescence is evident and the shower floor grout aesthetics are your concern

Specialising in epoxy grout applications, our dedicated team of technicians takes a meticulous approach to preparing various surfaces. Our focus includes the thorough preparation of shower floor grout joints, wall tile interfaces, and floor tile junctions, as well as addressing any vertical internal junctions.

This comprehensive preparation extends to both vertical and horizontal hob and wall tile junctions, where our expertise shines. Our technicians are trained to handle these specific areas with precision, ensuring the groundwork is laid for a flawless epoxy grout application.

One critical step in our process involves the careful removal of existing cement-based shower floor grout joints. This task is undertaken using specially engineered diamond burs, a sophisticated tool designed for optimal results. By utilizing this technology, we guarantee the removal of grout from between the floor tiles without compromising the integrity of the underlying tile surface.

This meticulous process serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it ensures a pristine and clean surface, preparing it for the subsequent epoxy grout application. Secondly, it promotes a superior product bond with the tile, differentiating us from competitors whose products may inadvertently adhere to the glaze of the tile. At every stage, our commitment to quality and precision sets us apart in the realm of epoxy grout applications.


Epoxy Regrout replacing your existing Shower Floor Grout - $400.00

LIFETIME Warranty and Affordable Pricing!

Priced to appeal at only $545.00* Inc GST, our shower floor grout stop leak repair service comes with the industry's best warranty - a LIFETIME product & workmanship guarantee!

Service Inclusions
This comprehensive shower floor grout repair service addresses various aspects to ensure a leak-proof and durable solution.

1. Remove Old Silicone/Grout:
- Eliminate old Silicone/Grout from all internal junctions within the shower area and shower grout lines.

2. Seal Internal Junctions with 2-Part Epoxy Grout:
- Seal shower wall tile and floor tile internal junctions using our advanced 2-part Epoxy Grout, replacing the existing cement grout.

3. Floor Grout Lines Sealing:
- Apply our 2-part Epoxy Grout to seal the floor grout lines effectively.

4. Anti-Mould Treatment:
- Safeguard vertical wall junctions by applying anti-mould polymer sealant.

5. Floor Grate and Waste Riser Sealing:
- Ensure a watertight seal at the external junction of the floor grate and waste riser.

6. Shower Screen and Floor Tile Junctions:
- Seal internal shower screen and floor tile junctions using anti-mould silicone.

7. Tap Flange Inspection and Sealing:
- Thoroughly inspect and seal tap flanges to prevent leaks.

*Price based on a standard shower base size of 1m x 1m.

Upgrade Option: Full Shower Wall and Floor Regrout.
Enhance your protection by upgrading to our Full Shower Wall and Floor Regrout service for only an additional $200.00.

Download the Spec Sheet here.

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Please note: Epoxy Grout Pro offers a fixed price, shower stop leak and reseal service and we do not up-sell, therefore if you have loose, missing or drummy tiles, we suggest a complete strip out, re-membrane in accordance with the AS 3740-2010 official standard, and a retile.

Epoxy shower floor grout vs Cement Grout: What's the Difference?

In recent times, epoxy floor grout has gained significant popularity within the realms of architecture, tile contracting, and construction, primarily attributed to its remarkable performance in addressing waterproofing challenges. Unlike conventional cement grout, composed of a cementitious powder mix, epoxy grout distinguishes itself by being crafted from epoxy resins and a filler powder. The resultant product boasts exceptional durability and nearly complete resistance to staining.

In contrast to its counterparts, standard grout lacks inherent waterproofing qualities, rendering it susceptible to water absorption and subsequent staining when exposed to moisture. For those weary of the laborious task of scrubbing grout lines, the solution lies in the form of epoxy floor grout, exemplified by the offerings from Epoxy Grout Pro.

To avail yourself of this advanced solution, consider replacing your existing grout today. Connect with Trent at 0405148449 and inquire about the upfront priced services tailored to meet your specific needs. Elevate your surfaces with the superior performance of epoxy floor grout by Epoxy Grout Pro.