Epoxy Grout Pro Setting the Standards for Wet Area Waterproofing

Epoxy Grout for Showers

Epoxy Grout for Showers, the Advantages and Disadvantages by Trent Moreland | Epoxy Grout Pro Epoxy Grout Pro specialises in two-part epoxy grouting systems for leaking showers and is adamant that it is the superior product when compared to a three-part system. Epoxy grout in showers offers many advantages over traditional grouting products, including enhanced stain resistance and increased durability. …

How to Change tap Washer | Epoxy Grout Pro

SERVICE MANUAL – Tap Service Guide by Trent Moreland – Epoxy Grout Pro Water tap washers can fail at any time and the result is a constant dripping and loss of water Many leaking showers attended to by Epoxy Grout Pro technicians are a direct result of an incessant dripping showerhead caused by worn or inferior tap washers. Incessant dripping …

Strip out shower repair VS Shower resealing – How to stop a leaking shower

Shower repair VS Shower resealing – How to stop a leaking shower A leaking shower or shower membrane failure is one of the most common faults faced by homeowners, investors and builders today. The question is do you do a stripout shower repair or a shower reseal using epoxy grout. Many owners are unaware they have a leaking shower until …

Drummy floor tile sounding video, listen to hollow sound tile vs the solid bonded tile sound

What Drummy Tiles Sound Like in a Shower

When booking a leaking shower repair or regrout service with Epoxy Grout Pro, we will ask you if there are any loose, drummy or deboning tiles. In this video you can hear the difference between a drummy (debonded) tile and a solid (adhered) tile.