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Welcome to Epoxy Grout Pro! the leaking shower repair & shower resealing experts based in Sydney, we are established experts utilizing epoxy grout services & regrouting, polymer waterproof grouts, hydro-ban solutions combined with purpose engineered tools and procedures to stop your existing shower leakage or seepage when your existing shower waterproofing failed, or in older bathrooms is non-existent. Our leaking Shower Repairs Sydney systems and solutions allow us to reseal a leaking Shower by epoxy regrouting where waterproof membranes have failed allowing water egress and ingress or if efflorescence formation is evident. We are ethical and professional tradesmen; this allows you to speak to a real person not a sales agent or rep regarding any questions you may have relating to your shower or balcony issues and concerns.

Tradesman not a Salesman!

Shower leak repair, resealing & epoxy regrouting is backed by our Industry Leading Plain English - Product & Workmanship LIFETIME Warranty!

Leaking shower repair product & workmanship warranty

Upfront Costs & Fixed Price Shower Repair Services, that could save you Thousands.

Sydney Shower Resealing & waterproofing solutions that stop shower leaks & balcony leakage at the source.
Cost effective solutions to meet your budget.

Epoxy Regrout to Shower Base (floor area)



  • Regrout Walls (Polymer Grout)

  • Regrout Floor tiles (Epoxy Grout)

  • Prepare wall & floor junctions using engineered diamond burrs

  • Seal internal wall & floor junctions using Epoxy Grout

  • Seal Shower Screen Internally

  • Seal Tap Penetrations

  • Seal Hairline Cracks and Glazing Crazes
  • Seal Internal of Floor Waste

Shower repair key points for the shower floor EGP shower resealing service priced at $545.00

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Balcony Resealing & Epoxy Regrout



  • Remove existing porous cement based grout

  • Prepare skirting & surface tile junctions using engineered diamond burrs

  • Regrout Floor tiles (Epoxy Grout)

  • Seal internal junctions using Epoxy Grout

  • Seal top edge of Skirting tile

  • Seal Balustrade Penetrations

  • Seal Facing Tile Joints

  • Seal internal of Floor Waste

Leaking balcony resealing and epoxy regrouting $155.00/m2

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Epoxy Grout Pro Sydney services – Can be customised to meet your specific needs. Tell us what you want or your situation and we will price it for you.

The EPOXY Advantage

The advantage of the EPOXY GROUT PRO epoxy Shower Waterproofing system is that epoxy grout is not susceptible to erosion through water pressure or cleaning agents or chemicals. It is not affected or susceptible to mould and being a colourfast product means it remains a solid colour either wet or dry resulting in always being uniform in ascetic appearance unlike cement grout.

Experience Matters – Over 32 years

25,829 Successfully Completed Shower Reseals
1970 Successful Balcony Repairs
100% Success Rate

Not all showers and balconies can be resealed, Missed call rate due to plumbing (failed pressure test) or tiling issues (drummy or loose tiles).


Serviceable Regions

Epoxy Grout Pro is servicing Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast,  Blue Mountains and Wollongong regions we are established industry experts in shower waterproofing and leaking shower repairs Sydney and shower epoxy regrouting when your shower wall grout, shower floor grout, silicone or sealants have begun to age and fail causing ingress of moisture outside of or below the shower base, bathroom wet area or tiled balcony.


Less Mess & Less Stress, With No Tiles Removed!
Regrout to Rejuvenate, the cost effective alternative to tile removal, new membrane and retiling of a leaking shower!

No Tiles Removed

With our system we do not remove the tiles, we are removing your porous cementitious grout from between your existing tiles.

Efficient -- One Appointment

Our fixed price service ensures minimum inconvenience for you or your tenants as only one appointment is required.
On this appointment we check the adhesion of you existing tiles ensuring their are no loose or drummy tiles which will impact on the service proceeding. We also perform a pressure test on the shower bridging piece to ensure your leakage is not caused by a leaking pipe, joint or leaking spindle.
If no tiling or plumbing issues are found your service will proceed on the spot.

Minimal Downtime

We ask you not to use the shower on the day of your service, you can shower the evening prior to our arrival and with advantage of fast curing epoxy grout the shower will be ready to use in as little as 24 hours.
The rest of the bathroom may continue to be used as normal during this 24 hour period.

With the benefits of epoxy epoxy grout being it is neither effected by chemicals and cleaning agents nor susceptible to erosion we back our product and workmanship for LIFE.
Realistically the grout will last for as long as your tiles remain bonded to the wall and floor.


Written in Plain English easy to understand!


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Thank you very much for being so quick and professional in attending to my leaking shower issue. I am thrilled with the result, it is neat and tidy, the shower repair man arrived on time and left no mess so I will be using you again should I need anything further done.Isobel Hume #75989
Hi Trent, I am very glad I got you guys to come and fix up my leaking shower! you were very professional, punctual and courteous! I know this is sounds minor but you took your shoes off before came into my house and put it back on only when working in the shower. your demeanor and attitude are highly commendable. I have mentioned to my colleagues about your shower repair company already. Many thanks. Elaine
Hi Just a short note to say that we were impressed with the shower resealing service you gave us today - arriving on time, professional and the job was exactly as detailed on the phone - time considerations, price and all. Trent you were unobtrusive, polite and on-time - a complete professional. When you experience service like this we think it's important to give feedback. Paul & Suzanne McKenna

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Allow me to introduce myself, Trent Moreland the technical executive of Epoxy Grout Pro, located in Sydney, servicing the Sydney area, Central Coast, NewcastleBlue mountains & Wollongong regions. My aim is to help and guide you through the rectification repair, resealing regrouting and epoxy grout solutions and processes for your deteriorated leaking shower, balcony leakage or efflorescence issues.


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